Plein air painting - Color studies

Boat @ Granville Island

Old Cummer Bridge

Farmer's Field in Port Coquitlam

A White Bark @ Edmond Park


BC Children Hospital Mural project

It's great feeling working on artwork for children and children's hospital. Here I would like to share approved Conceptual Design for BC Children Hospital.


More Dinos





Fan Expo Toronto 2016!

I visited my family in Toronto and had wonderful time. Just before I came back to Vancouver, I spent 4 days at the Fan Expo Toronto. It was first time being here and I was blown away by so many crowd and also met my school friends that I haven't seen them for about 3 years after graduate. 


Cloud Train

"Cloud Train" - I had a lot of fun working on this piece. I've been doing some color studies outdoor every weekend so I applied painterly approach to this and it felt right to me. Hope you like it. Choo~Choo~


Lighthouse at Stanley Park

Lighthouse at Stanley Park - 9"x12" Oil on Canvas Board.


Pianist in the forest

Personal Illustration - Pianist in the forest.

Color Study/Concept to see how it looks.

My natural and spontaneous sketch.


Plein air in pastel

It's been a quite a while I have used pastel since school. I got inspired from this amazing artist, Karen Margulis from YouTube and I had papers for pastel and thought that I should give it a shot!


Flower Cart

Personal illustration - lost in meadow but found a beautiful flower cart covered with flowers.


"The Adventure of Puss in Boots" - 2D Sequence Art

I have joined in PIB team last year July and was fortunate to work with talented design team. My responsibility for this show was to do BG Layout design and coloring for 2-D sequence art, managed by art director, Edison. Also, character designer,Guillermo was nice to help me with some character design sketches.