Cafe Sketch

I usually liked to go to coffee shop near where I live or hang out with friends and sketch sometimes.
Sketching is something can be described as mental break for me. I also sometimes like to do some experiments with different style or drawing or using different materials such as pen or markers. But this time,
i've used black pencil.


"Color Study"

-Color Study/June-
I've always admired traditional painters and enjoyed pleinair paintings. This time, I've been trying more painterly approach and study color and temperature.



-Personal Project
It was pretty challenging and fun to figure out characters and environment to tell the story.




Study & Experiment..

Last week, I had lots of fun in Seattle for 3 days and had an opportunity to exhibit in Artist's alley at Emerald City Comic Con. It was such amazing experience that I got to meet other artists and greet with people. Here are some of my studies and experiments with texture brush.


"For My Daddy!"

"For My Daddy!" -  Personal Work

It's been hectic with work and personal life and I realize I gotta get back to my personal work again.. haha..
Just out of curiosity, I asked myself  "When is my last time helping or giving something for my family?" and I started sketching out.






Hi, My name is Ely
I am Baby Elephant and I like Chocolate


"Toy Train"

Before going back to Toronto, here is my last piece for you guys!
I am happy that I finally get to see my family and new dog! :)
Merry Christmas for all of you and have awesome holidays!