Blaze & Monster Machine Set Design

Blaze&Monster Machine - Set Design for "Truck or Treat Episode"

Blaze&Monster Machine - Visual Development & Set Design for "Piggy 500"


Vancaf 2016!

It was such amazing experience for me to exhibit at Vancouver Comic Arts Festival with Derek!
Thank you to all wonderful and friendly people giving me so much good energy that makes me make more artworks!

Thanks everyone for support! :)


Marching Whales

Often, before going to bed, some pictures come find me and bother me :/  I drew a quick sketch before I forgot the image so that I could finalize it later. Here is the one. I will name it as Marching Whales. Enjoy :)


New Banner!

New banner for upcoming convention! so excited!


Gangsta Polar Bear

Gangsta Polar Bear who want to conquer other land animals



Drawing Dino is very relaxing! Here is a stegosaurus :)

Argg! I am angry because I am hungry! :/


Paper Boat

Paper Boat - I have an idea for picture book that makes me interested in exploring more in order to match what I vision. I am trying to see how my work with story with paper boat conveys emotional feeling I want.

It is quiet slow process of developing my picture book idea but let's see how this goes. Hope I don't scrape this one! :/


Kindergarten Exterior

Kindergarten Exterior Design - I thought of what kids will like and what could be fun stuff that can be built for school. It will be very fun if buildings have animal features. So yeah here it is.. :)


Kindergarten Interior

I don't know why but when I look at modern Kindergarten design, it inspired me so much..
There are so much creativity and positive energy from simple visual shapes and combination with nature surrounding. I really like that fact that they can use space and design to create environment for kids and I think that's so cool!

Anyway, I tried to come up with my own kindergarten that I wanted to go if I were a kid.  :)